Here's just a small sample of our recent engagements where our consultants and solutions have benefited customers across different industries.


Lynch Group's robust budget process with flexibility


“We implemented Tagetik because the spreadsheet approach to budgeting just could not cope with our growth initiatives and expanding business channels. We now have a robust budget process with the flexibility we require. I was really impressed with the commitment shown by the Tagetik team and how passionate they are about the system and adapting it to meet the needs of our business.”
Alex Hayley - General Manager Finance, Lynch Group


Sealord halves global monthly close process

“Consolidation within our ERP system has traditionally been a time consuming exercise. We were looking for a powerful management consolidation toolset, that was easy to use and integrates into our Microsoft architecture. Tagetik met the needs for us, and is a cornerstone investment as we look forward to extend the capability into other areas such as forecasting and planning as we grow our business.”
Neville Richardson - IS Manager, Sealord


Mirvac automates last mile of finance

“With Tagetik, we were able to automate the last mile of finance. Processes that previously took days could be completed in hours. By automating our disclosures to the ASX, we were able to move resources in our group finance team from repetitive scaling, rounding and balancing tasks to value-added financial analysis.”
Stephen Lynn - Group Financial Controller, Mirvac Group