CFO Group in government

The CFO Group team has over 35 years of continuous experience in the delivery of performance management solutions for complex organisations.

  • Customers in both the public and private sectors all around the world; UK, Europe, Africa, India, Far East, South East Asia, United States, Australia and New Zealand
  • Specific experience in whole-of-government budget management; Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand , Commonwealth of Virginia, Victoria, NSW, Brisbane City Council, US Federal Government and others

From this experience we have garnered an intimate understanding of the challenges facing central budget agencies (departments of treasury, finance and budget). Specifically: 

  • budget management systems for governments have required the integration of many software products resulting in expensive and highly risky projects
  • the multiple products used are often based on private sector functionality, and must be adapted for public sector requirements.

We know this is a small niche market and, as such, has to date been very under-serviced. As a result of facing these challenges time and time again, the CFO Group decided to take action and develop a solution. We are pleased to announce we now provide a low risk solution specifically designed for government budget and performance management, one we call GPM.

GPM by CFO Group

GPM is a purpose built solution for governments looking to transform their financial management to improve resource allocation and financial performance.

Prior to GPM, the development of a performance management solution for a government required a complex integration of many software products.  Also, as these products were originally designed for the private sector, they are not easily adapted to the public sector's specific requirements. Together these challenges have always resulted in expensive and highly risky projects. 

GPM is a low risk, simple alternative that:

  • is purpose built for governments, by government experts
  • supports multi-year budget formulation 
  • supports incremental and replacement budget formulation
  • supports budget phasing, periodic monitoring, cash management and year end reporting
  • provides real transparency, capturing/reporting the reasoning for increments/adjustments/decisions
  • includes a pre-defined template for fast, efficient and low risk implementation
  • is easily configured to specific jurisdictional requirements.

GPM combines all of this functionality in a simple, single software/database/application which:

  • is underpinned by the world's leading financial performance management platform, CCH Tagetik
  • scales to thousands of users 
  • is available on the cloud as a service or self hosted
  • is available immediately on an all inclusive subscription plan.