In  1978 Geoff Noble graduated form the University of London with a degree in computer science and went to work for Comshare, the world's leading provider of budgeting and decision management software.

In 1985 Geoff moved to Australia to introduce Comshare to the ANZ market.  It quickly grew to become the local leader.  In 1993 Geoff designed a system for the New Zealand Treasury to enable its transition to accrual accounting.  That design was the forerunner to a successful offshoot company that sold systems to state governments within Australia, the UK Treasury and other foreign governments requiring a similar transformation. Many of these systems are still used today.

In the late 90s Brendan Aspery was a Group Financial Controller solving a similarly complex budgeting and reporting issue for a private sector group that he was working for in the UK.  Brendan successfully migrated that business from a largely Excel based system to a unified, simplified corporate performance management (CPM) solution.  His chosen software was Comshare.

In 2000 Brendan moved to Australia to work for Geoff at the ANZ Comshare operation. In 2003 they provided a solution for the Victorian Department of Finance that once again required the integration of multiple systems to solve the complexity of public sector budget mformulation and financial management.  Geoff used his prior knowledge to lead the development of one of the major, government specific, components of that solution.  Once again a niche business had been created and Geoff and his team provided additional governments in Australia, the USA and other countries around the world with this key missing component.

In 2005 Brendan left the Comshare distributor to form the CFO Group with the vision of bridging the gap between software and finance within the consulting industry.  The CFO Group has since then operated as a highly specialist consulting firm providing budgeting, consolidation and reporting system advice and governance to large corporates, not for profits and public sector agencies.

In 2009 Geoff also left his Comshare operation to head up a new government solution department for a large systems integrator.  Working with multiple products from the current market leaders, and multiple teams to implement those, Geoff grew dissatisfied with the complexity of these solutions being provided.

In 2012 Geoff asked his old colleague Brendan to help him solve this challenge.  Geoff joined the CFO Group and a research and development project was kicked off to find the best, most appropriate, software platform to build a government specific performance management solution.  The software platform was chosen, a specific new implementation methodology was written and a team of highly experienced consultants was assembled. With these three key components the CFO Group began developing a pre-packaged application for state and federal governments.

In 2016 the CFO Group launched GPM.  This is the first completely unified COTS solution promising a new era of low risk transformation to public sector performance management.