Our Approach

Define, design and deliver

Define the outputs
Our approach is to start off by workshopping the outputs that are needed by your organisation to support strategic and operational decision making and to meet external reporting requirements.

Design a unified solution
From mapping out the outputs we define a unified data model for planning, budgeting, forecasting and actuals reporting, and then the processes needed to collect the required data.

We recommend CCH Tagetik, the world’s leading software in terms of functionality, scalabilty and most importantly user satisfaction. This can be delivered either on premises or on the cloud.

Deliver the system
All CFO Group solutions are implemented in quick successive stages, delivering value to the business early and often.

First delivery
In stage 1, we will deliver a core foundation application with all required outputs, a data model to support these outputs and simple data entry forms for collection of data. This is then thoroughly tested for accuracy of the output..

Subsequent deliveries
Subsequent stages will add sophistication to the workflows, calculations and automated data collection in order to optimise the planning, budgeting, forecasting, actuals collection, consolidation, reporting and analysis processes required.


CCH Tagetik Software

CFO Group is a leading reseller of CCH Tagetik - Performance Management Software

Relied upon by nearly 1,000 customers and 75,000 users in more than 35 countries, it’s safe to say we don’t just get Finance; Finance gets CCH Tagetik. Our customers rely on our Financial Performance Platform to automate complex business processes that impact financial results and drive business decisions. The increasing demands on the Office of Finance and the progressively more strategic role of the CFO drive our continued mission to deliver world-class corporate performance management solutions.

Shorter cycles, lower TCO, greater insight, better decision-making – in short, CCH Tagetik software solutions help you work better, smarter and more efficiently with more confidence and less risk. Spend less time on routine, manual and repetitive activities and more time devising, advising and executing on the business strategies that drive your financial results.


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