Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting enhances reporting and enables companies to link strategic, management and external financial reporting. 

Under Integrated Reporting, companies provide more information on the broader health of the organisation and the challenges and opportunities it faces in the future, rather than focusing on analysing past financial results. This includes more focus on active governance, resource use and exposure, strategic performance, and management of material risk to create and preserve value. 

In traditional reports, the reader is often not given sufficient information to fully assess a company’s ability to execute its strategy in the future, and so whether past earnings are likely to be sustainable in the medium to long term.

It is not surprising there has been groundswell in the adoption of Integrated Reporting in Australia and New Zealand, it’s basically better business reporting.

We are speaking together with KPMG in a CCH Tagetik webinar on 2nd October 2019 where you can hear how to make Integrated Reporting a reality, including:

  • What Integrated Reporting is and why it matters

  • The technology that is required to support Integrated Reporting

  • Integrated Reporting in action

  • The roadmap for quick and successful implementation

To register for the webinar, please go to: